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    September 2, 2011
    AT&T Plans to Woo U.S. And Fight It

    WASHINGTON — AT&T plans to approach the Justice Department to discuss conditions, including the sale of assets or the transfer of subscribers to other companies, that would allow its merger with T-Mobile to be completed, people close to the transaction said Friday.

    AT&T has a strong incentive to determine how many conditions the Justice Department might impose on the proposed merger. If the costs of those conditions are “reasonably likely to be more than $7.8 billion,” according to the merger agreement, AT&T can walk away from the transaction without having to pay a breakup fee to T-Mobile of $3 billion in cash plus wireless airwaves worth an estimated additional $3 billion.
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    there should be no conditions for allowing the merger.

    under any cirumstances, att would own 100% of the us GSM cell phone market, and they and verizon would control over 80% of all cell phone business in the Us.

    The DOJ and FCC can't fall into the trap of asking concessions to allow the merger to be approved.

    It's just plain wrong.

    In fact, the DOJ and FCC should mandate that carriers with over 1/6 of the population as subscribers, that they be broken up.

    And, to keepthe plsying field good forconsumers, all mobile deviced should have evry data and voice radio in it, unlocked, so that consumers, who own those devices, can have the abiltyto move from one carrier to another without having to bey a brand new device as a penalty.

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    T-mobile can say goodbye to the lowest prices if they allow the merger lol ltm*
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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