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    "NEW YORK (AP) The Justice Department's move to block AT&T Inc. from buying T-Mobile USA is motivated by the desire to keep a low-priced competitor in the game. But that's a game T-Mobile is losing.

    Despite low prices and a peppy pitchwoman in a polka-dot dress, T-Mobile customers have been voting with their feet, leaving for other carriers in the last year and a half.

    T-Mobile's 33.6 million customers may be heaving a sigh of relief Wednesday that the federal government is trying to block the merger, so they can keep their wireless service plans. But in the long run, T-Mobile is in an unsustainable position. Analysts say the company's past decisions have painted it into a corner.

    The No. 4 wireless carrier is being squeezed by competitors from two directions. At the high end of the market, it can't compete with Verizon Wireless and AT&T Inc., the market leader and no. 2, respectively. At the low end, T-Mobile is struggling against competitors like Sprint Nextel Corp., which sells government-subsidized "lifeline" service, and MetroPCS Holdings Corp., which targets urban, working class consumers with cheap "unlimited" plans.

    Essentially, T-Mobile is seen as a cheap brand by those who can afford better, and as an expensive one by those who pinch every penny."

    The rest of the story:

    The Associated Press: Even with low prices, T-Mobile customers flee
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    I'm debating jumping from sprint to tmobile...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ka1 View Post
    I'm debating jumping from sprint to tmobile...

    What are your thoughts about moving over to TM? Put a Pre3 on TM?

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