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    Subject line says it all really.

    When Handspring first issued the GPRS upgrade on the UK website, a large number of people (including me!) reported that the upgrade didn't successfully complete, but died with a "Sector Lock Error" and a numeric error code that currently escapes me. Handspring's solution was to do a swapout of the unit.

    Is this still the case? If the only solution is a swapout, I'll do without GPRS, because given how I've already had three of them with faulty backlights I am not letting this (working!) Treo out of my sight.
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    You can try letting the battery drain right down and do the update again. This sometimes gets around the problem in my experience. You have to leave the Treo drain down beyond the point where the screen is able to turn on and then leave it several more days. Try leaving it in a cool place to accentuate the effect.

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