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    It seems that after installing the GPRS 1.1, i don't get to access the call history (at the bottom left corner) on my speed dial/phone book screen and also i can't use the phone keypad onscreen durig a call. Is this normal or did i screw up something?
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    The call history is now a menu option. Try :menu: y.
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    Does that mean i can't have the option of call history displayed at the bottom of the screen? What about the missing onscreen dial pad during a call? Is that normal as well?
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    No you can't, they changed it.

    I still have the Dial Pad on mine. I believe the way it used to be is that you would have to hit the "Extra Digits" button. Instead, at the bottom, just like on all other parts of the phone app, there is a little square icon with 10 little squares representing a dial pad. Tap that, and that brings it up.
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    Thanks appleman, appreciate your fast and helpful replies.

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