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    Hi... I have a noob question (Edit: I have a lot of noob questions, in quick succession as noobs normally ask them)

    I've had an unlocked Pixi Plus for a few weeks (got it for $55 on eBay...). I'm on an unsupported carrier (Cincinnati Bell) and don't have a data plan, so I had to do the whole bypass activation thing and run the first use app later (Thank you WebOS Internals!). I have access to the App Catalog, but it's very limited. Finding apps from the web page usually results in a message about how I'm on an unsupported carrier. Any solutions I have seen for this require WebOS 2.x.

    I had an idea, which was to try my friend's spare AT&T GoPhone SIM card. I just plugged it in and results were no different. The card also appears to have expired so that could be part of the problem.

    Now to my question(s):
    1. Could I install other apps if I used an activated AT&T SIM?
    2. Would I need to create a new Palm Profile to do so?
    3-4. Is the carrier information linked to the current carrier or the carrier with whom the Palm Profile was created? If it is the latter, could I simply create a Palm Profile with an AT&T card and then go back to my normal SIM and have full app catalog access?
    5-6. Is GoPhone AT&T enough? Could I get a GoPhone SIM card and a data plan (they appear to make those), and do it all from there?
    7. One thing I read seemed to imply that the first use determines the fate of the phone forever. Does that mean it's too late and even redoctoring couldn't help?

    I was going to just test number 6, but I thought it might be better to ask before wasting any money. I tried my best to search, but couldn't find anything conclusive.

    Thanks for any help!

    And thanks again to WebOS Internals for everything awesome they have done! I have more Preware apps than App Catalog apps.

    P.S. I love my Pixi.
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    I just learned that AT&T is selling the Pixi on GoPhone, so I guess it should work... I'll let you know if I get around to trying it.
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    I got a GoPhone sim... My plan failed. I think the first use app still activated it in some Palm database, according to something else I read?

    I tryed contacting Palm/HP. The support person didn't know anything and said the applications won't work because they aren't for my model of phone (though the page for it says it works on the Pixi).

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