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    I'm installing the 1.1 upgrade as I type - hope all goes well - and I'm wondering... Do I have to leave the modified currentcarrier.pdf file in my backup directory or can I put my old one back once the update is installed and working?

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    Just leave the modified one there!

    Good Luck!
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    A question about Cingular in SF Bay area... The update apparently went well, phone still works but when I try to connect, I get the error "GPRS APN configured incorrectly..." I created a new profile within connections and was able to modify the apn to isp.cingular but it still gives me the error. Is this a sign that Cingular gave me the wrong data package or that it isn't working? I signed up for wireless internet express and on the cingular account manager site, it says, "HOME-GPRS Wireless Inet Xpress - My Wireless Window - Data Detailed Billing"

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    Do you remember this quote from one of your earlier post?

    "I activated the gprs service (Cingular in the SF bay area) this morning and the rep told me that right now, they're having problems with their gprs service. It's not much faster than the dialup but they're working on it. Well, I had a postcard that if I renewed for 1 year, I could get wireless internet for free for 1 year. She gave me the base wireless internet for free, but I'm being charged $2 extra for internet express. Just getting prepared for that US update..."

    Maybe she didn't given that right service to your account for the extra $2 that it cost you!

    You shouldn't need to reconfigure any settings.
    Go to prefs, network, and select wireless internet express..
    The error message you got is because they didn't apply the right service to your account
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    You might be right. I called tonight and the first rep told me that there was a difference between "Wireless Internet Express" and "Wireless Internet Express with data connect" but he wouldn't enable the later since it the Treo isn't supported. Then I called back immediately and the second rep told me that they are the same thing. They only have one $6.99 plan for Wireless Internet Express and that's it. So, the tutorial stated that I need WIX for data connect - I will try calling again and get that added. The $2 charge was due to the fact that I renewed for one year and they gave me wireless Internet for free ($6.99 - $4.99).

    In short, you are probably right. I will let you know how it turns out.

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    You definitley want the WIX for data connect and they offer 4 different levels 1MB, 3MB, 7MB and 13MB. 1MB being $6.99 per month and which ever plan you take it includes your wireless internet (CSD) dial up at no additional charge.

    Try not to mention that it's for a Treo because as you experienced they'll give you a hard time since they don't currently support it. Only if they ask... let them know that you have a gprs enabled phone and that you want to add the gprs data connect service to your account.

    Good luck!

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    Well, I got connected to tech support and they looked at the account and said it all looked to be set up correctly for WIX for data connect. She said I was "added to their gateway." The password was different but she changed it to the one I use for mywirelesswindow (the same as the one I entered during gprs setup.) Still nothing.

    So, some people got it working without any setting changes, right? Just choose wireless internet express from the network prefs and go?

    Others have created new profiles. Could those people list their settings or point me to a site that lists a working configuration?

    Also, could someone copy and paste what their WIX line says when you log into Cingular's account manager? I want to compare it to mine that says:
    "Feature Package
    Wireless Inet Xpress
    - My Wireless Window
    - Data Detailed Billing

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    I called one more time (now about 5 times total) to verify that I had Wireless Internet Express and "data line" or "data services" (found in a previous post - was hoping that this would jog their memory as far as WIX for data connect.) He said I did and it all looked to be configured correctly. I guess I'll give it 24 hrs and see what happens. The good thing is that my CSD connection still works so I'm not left out in the cold. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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    This is the info that appears on my rate plan:

    Feature Package HOME-GPRS Wireless Inet Xpress
    - My Wireless Window
    - isp.cingular
    - Data Detailed Billing
    - GPRS

    Volume Included
    Feature: GPRS
    COMBINED Both Directions 1024.0 Kb

    Per Volume Rates
    Feature: GPRS
    COMBINED Both Directions $0.03

    The other thing that you can try doing is call and ask them what the data phone number assigned to your phone for faxing is? If they can't tell you or there isn't one than they didn't assign the right service to your account.
    You also shouldn't need to do any re-configuring to log in to gprs. Simple select "wireless interent express" from the networks prefs selection is all you need to do.

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    Thanks, that is great info. My package doesn't include "isp.cingular" on the description. I do have fax service but maybe it isn't connected correctly to the data services? I'll give them a call and try to find out.

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    Thanks for your help. Finally got a Tech support person that knew what she was doing (Tara) and she immediately said (your're not configured correctly.) She fixed it in one minute and I'm off and running! I'll have to see how well it works.

    If anyone needs to get their Cingular GPRS working, ask for Tara in tech support! It sounded like she had done this before. The front end (CS) people are idiots. Greg, again, thanks for the help.

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    Glad to see your up and running.
    I don't know why but it seems that everyone who tries to add gprs with Cingular has to call them at least 6 times before they get it right! I did! They're a little slow over there!


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