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    I was fooling around with Blazer on my GPRS 1.1-enabled 180 this afternoon, during the course of which I hit the "Home" icon and the refresh command a number of times, as usual. For the first 15 minutes or so, all was normal... the Home icon took me to the Blazer Quickstart home page. Suddenly, though, the Home icon began to take me to a T-Mobile web site... a version of "My T-Mobile" optimized for handheld devices!

    It's not a particularly useful site... it's not a portal, it just allows you to view some account information, and can also take you to an area for personalizing your home WAP page (which is even more useless, since I've never been able to make the T-Zones WAP service work with the Treo).

    Anyone seen anything similar? I'm in the Boston area with service from T-Mobile (duh!).

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    My homepage in Blazer also changed to T-Mobile. Just lets me view account settings as yours.

    I'm in New York City. Could this mean that the official GPRS update is coming really soon? :-)
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    So can anyone change the homepage back? I had mine as google and now I can't seem to do that.

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    Mine switched over to T-Mobile last week. Talk about annoying. Is there a way to change it?

    I don't see an option for setting the home page.
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    I got it, and my upgrade came preinstalled too
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    It seems that the Cingular and T-Mo GPRS upgrades install their own home page which is locked. Just add some favorites to your Bookmarks and you're 1 click away.
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    Telstra the largest carrier in Australia also sets the home page to their mobile home page


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