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    This is unacceptable, but I heard it from someone at Handspring.

    Let's get some answers. Pick up the phone right now and dial Handspring's corporate headquarters at (650) 230-5000. Complain to senior people and see if any of them give us some details.

    The more of us that do this, the more likely it will be they will act...
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    The least they could do is provide us with a separate update containing the other features included with the GPRS updater.
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    I spoke to someone at T-Mobile tech suppport who told me they are launching their own Treo's in the next few weeks that will inlude the GRPS update already installed. He said release date should be late November or Early December, so I'm assuming the patch should be out around the same time?
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    I think you're onto something. I bet the "official" realease of the gprs updates are being delayed until branded phones(like a t-mobile treo) are available. Reason: the service providers don't want you to buy the phone elsewhere. They want a piece of the treo profits....
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    Man... do I ever feel like I've been jerked around! I don't know who I'm more disgusted with.... Handspring or T-Mobile.
    Up the Creek.... Try the River!

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    Originally posted by riverbruce
    Man... do I ever feel like I've been jerked around! I don't know who I'm more disgusted with.... Handspring or T-Mobile.
    Don't get upset. It's not worth it. My advice would be to just do the update. It's great.
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    I've done the update... both of them. I've had two GPRS plans in service with T-Mobile. Feelings are feelings... neither right or wrong. I repeat...


    ahhhhhhhh..... that felt so good.
    Up the Creek.... Try the River!

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    I would love it if handspring released an update patch that had everything in it except GPRS, as I'm more excited for the tweaks and fixes than I am for GPRS. This would mean more work for them, but it would also mean we could officially have better treo's without having to wait for the carriers.

    Of course that won't happen.
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    I agree. The non-GPRS updates would be very useful. But they're not coming -- at least, according to the e-mail I got from Handspring customer support.
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    I got an email yesterday from Handspring support saying it'll be before the end of the year.
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    Well, whenever it is, it'll be too late for me. I just switched to a TMo XDA and couldnt be happier. I gotta tell you, as a long time Palm guy (a Treo 180 before my Treo 270, and several Palms before that, dating back to the original Palm Pilot 1000), the XDA blows away the 270 in all respects IMO. There's even a great soft keyboard in landscape mode that works really well from SPB software to largely solve the keyboard issue.

    I'm still getting to know the PPC OS, and while it is certainly more complex than the Palm OS, the 'complexity and ease of use' issue is WAY overblown in my mind, especially if you are the least bit tech savvy. Doubly so if you are familiar with windows as most are.

    Anyway, I will continue to keep my eye on the hardware market as I'm not afraid to switch up and across as needed. I may try the SonyEriccson 800 and/or iPaq 5000 when they release the GSM/GPRS version. But in the meantime the XDA is a much better realized convergence device than the Treo IMO.

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    Originally posted by anthonymoody
    [ the meantime the XDA is a much better realized convergence device than the Treo IMO.

    TM [/B]

    I have just made the exact opposite switch. I tried the XDA for about two months and was very disappointed with it for the following reason: 1. The form factor is less than ideal for use as a phone device. 2. The PocketPC Phone OS would repeatedly (daily) hang requiring a soft reset. 3. Constant issues when trying to disconnect from a call or pick up a call waiting. 4. Repeatedly experienced calls going to voicemail without phone responding first. 5. Browser appeared to be less robust than Blazer. 6. Painted plastic finish started to chip off after only a few days of use. 7. Device not suited for carrying around in jean pocket or shirt pocket on weekends etc - too heavy and too fragile.

    Please note that these problems were not limited to a single device - I had these problems with 3 different devices.

    Just my two cents…
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    Hi H,

    Just wondering if you tried removing the TMo apps, especially the battery monitor, as doing so materially improves the stability of the device. In fact, doing so basically returns it to the 'base' configuration created by HTC (the mfr) and is how it is deployed by O2 (overseas) and other carriers. It is pretty well documented that this reduces the soft reset requirements to pretty much zero and is now considered standard practice for TMo XDA owners. This is not a PPC issue but a TMo software issue. To be clear, the TMo software is not at all necessary.

    Also, a good task switcher will also help by recovering memory and easily shutting down apps that are not in use. This too increases stability.

    As for the paint, this is now a documented issue at TMo and they are happy to send you a new device if/when it happens. FWIW my Treo has many scratches from being carried around too. I'd say the plastic case is of inferior quality to that of the XDA.

    As for size, no doubt the XDA is a little bigger. However, it is thinner, which helps alot in my book.

    Clearly, to each their own. Enjoy your Treo.

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    Some good points.

    I didn't remove the Tmo software - who knows if that would have fixed some of my lockup issues.

    However, I still think the rest of my concerns are valid and there is still a lot of room for improvment on BOTH devices. I think the next 12 months will be very interesting the pda/phone space!

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    I called Handspring's corporate number, and was put through to someone's voicemail. Left a message earlier this week, and never did get a callback or an e-mail, and let me tell you, I left a very friendly and polite message, too.

    That's not very good customer service. Least she could have done was sent me a form e-mail back. :|
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    Yup. This is the reason that I just put my Treo 180 in a box and shipped it off to the highest bidder from ebay.

    Using the T-Mobile SideKick (Danger HipTop) now. $59.99 a month. UNLIMITED DATA, always on - email, AIM, www, unlimited n/w, 500 anytime, et al.... Everything I THOUGHT that I would get with my Treo... *sigh*

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    I switched from the Treo 180 to the T-Mobile Pocket PC too, and I am very pleased. GPRS is great. Voice quality is great. Hardware seems more sturdy. And no wait for Handspring to get their act together on the GPRS. Treo was okay, but I am thrilled with the PPC.
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    if you havent found it yet, check out the forums on, a great all around ppc site. there's lots of activity in the TMo forum.

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    Thanks Anthony. That is by far the best site I've seen for PPC!

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