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The merger hasn't even gone thru yet and AT&T is already jack up the rates! See link.

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AT&T Kills $10 Texting Plans, Pushes Unlimited Options
AT&T is forcing new wireless customers to choose between an unlimited text messaging plan and a 20-cent per-message rate.

By Robert Strohmeyer InformationWeek
August 18, 2011 05:00 PM

AT&T Kills $10 Texting Plans, Pushes Unlimited Options -- InformationWeekAT&T Kills $10 Texting Plans, Pushes Unlimited Options - mobility Blog

In the midst of ongoing controversy over the company's proposed acquisition of competitor T-Mobile, AT&T has confirmed reports that the company has revamped its text messaging plans, cutting out its popular $10 Messaging 1000 plan entirely and forcing customers to choose between a $20 unlimited plan or pay 20 cents per message.

According to a screenshot that first appeared on the gadget blog Engadget late last night, the change will take place on this coming Sunday, August 21. The move will affect new customers only at this time, and it is not yet clear whether or when existing AT&T customers will be affected. AT&T has reportedly said that current customers will be able to keep their $10 texting plans, at least for the time being.