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    1/ ive installed the gprs update 1.1 and it downloaded the service information for o2 which the installer did ok.

    2/ i phoned up o2 and told them to gprs enable my account.

    3/ waited a good 48 hours. signal strength meter shows a small triangle not obscuring the aerial.

    4/ connection pops this error when i try and connect to the gprs service:-

    The GPRS Connection has failed or GPRS has not been enabled on your account. If the problem persists, please contact your service provider. (40CE).

    5/ o2 say i've got GPRS enabled and deny it's their problem.

    Any ideas ?

    alternatively, does anyone know the O2 UK username, password and apn for gprs? ???

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    I've had exactly the same problem, with
    O2 suggesting that I wait and see if it is a
    'network problem'.

    Did you manage to make it go away ? If so,
    please share the trick

    - Adam
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    A few more calls to O2 data services sorted it
    all out.

    The problem was that I had been enabled for:
    * data services
    * GPRS
    but not:
    * internet access

    Apparently they're supposed to that for you
    automatically, but they forgot with my account.

    If you get this problem, don't forget to specifically
    ask for internet access, not just data & GPRS

    - Adam

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