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    I've heard that GPRS is only a little faster than CSD. It seems the consensus is that the Vision service is significantly faster than GPRS. Will this always be the case? Will the GPRS carriers ever upgrade their service so that potential of GPRS is maximized? I'm trying to decide between the 270 and the 300. Any advice?
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    I've read Sprint isn't as fast as expected. But most of all, I've been informed from MANY people that Sprint's service areas simply stink! I'm in Atlanta, GA, so it may be different where you are.

    I'd go w/ the 270, and T-Mobile (if they ever release the GPRS patch). I've been w/ T-Mobile since it was PowerTel, and love it.
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    GPRS latency is about twice that of PCS Vision. Roundtrip times for GPRS are around 1 second, while Vision is about 500ms. For anything interactive, this makes a much bigger difference than actual throughput.

    Throughput on Vision seemed better to me when I used it, as well, but that was a PC card in a laptop, not using the Treo. Honestly, I don't really see much difference in web browsing between GRPS and dialup on my 180 - the Palm OS web browsers aren't fast enough in rendering to notice the speed difference. The only really nice thing about it for me is the quicker connect time.

    If I was buying today instead of 6 months ago, I'd probably get the 300 instead of the 270. Especially with the unlimited data plan.

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