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    Since Sprint is probably not carrying the Pre3, I'm looking to switch to either Verizon or AT&T. Currently, I have a single Pre- on Sprint that I use primarily for buisness. Verizon is, of course, known for having much better reception and call quality than AT&T (and most other networks). But I have also heard that data transfer speeds on Verizon are not so fast, especially compared to AT&T.

    Has anyone done any real comparisons of the two carriers in terms of these criteria (especially in the New York City area)? And if so, what did you conclude after taking into account these factors as well as price differences?

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    I have always had good experiences with AT&T, even in NYC. Nothing like being able to surf the web while dialed in to a boring conference call. You won't be able to do that on Verizon, though LTE may have changed that. I'm not sure if the Pre3 will be LTE anyway, so you might want to look into that. My only gripe with AT&T is I feel like I am getting raped every time I pay my bill. The few areas I have coverage problems seem to be places that affect all carriers, not just AT&T.

    What I would look out for are the new data caps. My wife hasn't exceeded the 2GB limit with her iphone yet, but she's not streaming Pandora or watching movies on it very often.
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    Thanks Akshunj! I heard AT&T was raising its prices on data plans, but are they still less expensive than Verizon's?
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    Go with VZW. If you ever seen the "Flash Mob" commercial AT&T has, I get a chuckle ever time since Grand Central is a dead zone for AT&T. In fact, that whole area is whereas VZW works beautifully (even T-Mo is better). To put how bad AT&T is, my friend who interned at VZW would actually call AT&T to notify them of issues that affect all carriers. Needless to say, AT&T would ignore him while the next day he, with the VZW crew, fixed the problem. From my actual usage in the tri-state area and the city, I also found myself in more bad reception areas than my friends on VZW. In short, stay away from AT&T unless you do a lot of global traveling.
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    if ny, in general Verizon is ure best choice. Every other carrier there gets way too many dropped calls and low reception.
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