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    Am I missing something here?? I just went through the upgrade to GPRS 1.1 with Cingular. As far as I can tell, everything went well. I have the triangle and am able to connect via "Wireless Internet Express."

    BUT ......., I thought that I would be able to have voice calls concurrent with GPRS activity. GPRS stays in its "always on" mode, but I have noticed that I am unable to transfer any data (web page loading, e-mail synch, etc) while on a voice call. This also translates into getting a busy signal (going into voice mail) for incoming calls while actively transfering data via GPRS.

    Did I miss the boat in my expectations or is this abnormal behavior?
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    From what I've read on this board and other GPRS related boards. The Treo can not receive or make phone calls when it's actively sending/receiving data thru GPRS.

    So if you're browsing the web, once you click on a link and it's downloading a page, you can not receive phone calls until the page is completely downloaded.

    It's kinda annoying how GPRS on the Treo is kinda always on but it not really and how it kinda can receive phone calls while using data but not really. And it's still to expensive for me to use.
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    Does anyone know if the same is true for Sprint's Vision service. Is it possible to use the phone while actively transferring data?

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