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    I am sure you have seen postings on this board about t-mobile's price reductions on GPRS plans. Most of you, like me, assumed that you will automatically get reduced pricing if you are already on a t-mobile GPRS plan...WRONG

    You must call them and have them "switch" you, even if you are not changing the MBs. Don't ask why, just call them. Now.

    Anyone know when GPRS will be released in the US?
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    I traded several e-mails today with T-Mobile and Handspring re: GPRS update. The mouthpiece from Handspring tried to assure me that the update will be released in the U.S "before the end of 2002", but would not get more specific. They made a few good points, but I continued to express Treo 180/270 user's frustration with the continued wait while our 300 bretheren enjoy the fruits of Handspring's collaboration with Sprint. The bottom line (for me): time will tell.

    To paraphrase from the American Revolution: "give me GPRS or give me death!"
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    I had been anticipating the GPRS upgrade for a long time, but I don't see the point anymore because T-Mo's plans are too expensive. After my contract expires, is there a way to switch to Sprint's $10 unlimited GPRS?
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    If you are a current Treo 180/270 owner, you will not be able to switch to Sprint unless you invest in a Treo 300.

    The T-Mobile plan (as it stands now) will cost you a minimum of $10 for 2 MB of data transfer. If the nice people at T-Mobile customer service know what they're talking about (you have to wonder), 2 MB should give you approximately 100 web pages or 1,600 e-mails per month. It would be nice if they would give us the same deal that Sidekick users get and give us unlimited data transfer. But that's about as likely as Handspring releasing the GPRS update today.

    Personally, I'm willing to give them a little longer. If they haven't released it by the time my contract with T-Mobile is up for renewal (next June), I'm gone though.
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    Everyone keeps complaining about not having GPRS on the Treo. I've mentioned this a number of times, the update is on Handspring's site, There is a great walkthrough on that fully explains how to install, and it works just fine! My Treo cost me $375,and at that price, I could have bought two, one as a backup. All I am saying is, do the upgrade! If everyone in the US on T-Mobile and Cingular with a Treo upgrades them and starts using the system, Handspring and the carriers will see that users mean business and want the service. Right now, there is absolutely no reason for T-mobile to support the Treo, as it competes with the Pocket Pc and will bring them a host of questions and headaches that only a Palm expert can answer. The Pocket PC is bullet proof from a connection standpoint and so doesn't need much.
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    My 270 is owned by my employer, and while I see that many people have installed the update, and it has worked fine for most people (not with my luck...) Handspring has stated in black and white, your warranty is VOID if you do install the "unauthorized" version. I can not take that risk. This is why so many of are complaining. As for T-mobile...why would they care about us, we are such a small number...
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    You make some good points, but unfortunately I can't afford to have a "backup" Treo. I have tossed and turned at night (not really) wondering if I should take a chance and install the unauthorized upgrade. I finally decided that I can't afford to lose my Treo just to get a head start with GPRS. If/when the official upgrade is released, I'm all over it. Until then, I'll suffer through dialup. Call me a wuss, but I'm going to play it safe.

    Thanks for your thoughts on the subject.
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    Spoke with Handspring this morning. The techs said that they are waiting for T-Mobile and Cingular to approve the upgrade. As a conspiracy theorist (translation: Paranoid) I agree that it is likely that T-Mobile is witholding their approval at the direction of Microsoft.

    So, if you are angry about this (and you should be), call Handspring. Not the techies... call the executive offices. Make some noise. Demand an explanation. Say you invested in this and were promised an upgrade first in June then in August then in November. If everyone on this board did this, they would be forced to at least give some explanation...

    The phone number is (650) 230-5000.

    Treo users of the world unite!!!!!!!!
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    I called the corporate offices and the receptionist transferred me to the "Escalation Department", where I got a voicemail recording. All that did was escalate my blood pressure. :-)

    I promptly called back and left a message on several other staff members voicemails. I called at approximately 9:30 - 9:45 PST, so I guess they are having a big meeting about how to further delay the GPRS upgrade! LOL
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    I received several phone calls today as a result of my phone messages left at the Handspring corporate headquaters.

    One call was from a highly placed member of the executive staff. This staff member confirmed that the main culprit in the GPRS upgrade delay is T-Mobile. It was suggested that the approval by T-Mobile and release of the upgrade is only a matter of days away, so I am willing to hold my breath and wait to see what happens.

    Maybe that light at the end of the tunnel REALLY is the end of the tunnel and NOT a freight train barreling down on me. LOL

    "Give me GPRS or give me death!"
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    I've done both upgrades on the treo (ver. 1 & 1.1) with no troubles. If you can follow instructions as per TreoCentral, it will work very nicely. If all else fails and you crash your Treo, call them and have them send a replacement (they are very nice) for say.... a loose stylus. It worked for me & my 270. I have the local 3000 anytime plan with the new 10mb data plan. My current bill (not showing the lowered data plan), comes to about 75 bucks after taxes. I'm using basejet mail, which seems to keep the GPRS connection always on. Blazer works great, the home page just recently changed to T-MOBILE home page (HMMMMM!?!) so I think they must be testing it out for official release. It's nice not having to dial up to connect anymore, hopefully as in another post the price will go down soon. I have to admit though the SideKick got my attention for many reasons. I may jump ship if/when a color model comes out that is affordable. I've been loyal to Handspring for a few years now, and what I've seen them doing lately makes me not so sure about investing more time and money on new models and accessories and ---- sorry for rambling

    still a happy 270 owner

    "it's not the quantity, but the quality"

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