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    So what's with the "always on" GPRS connection? When my cellular signal (Cingular) is lost and then restored, the GPRS connection isn't re-established (no black triangle). The GPRS connection has to be manually restored.

    Granted, the GPRS on the Treo is still "beta" in the US, but does anyone know of a way to restore the GPRS connection automatically?
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    This is valid for all carriers, worldwide:

    They all drop the connection from time to time (I notice where I live that it is every 20 hours) to release / clean their network.

    But you don't need to reconnect 'fully' manually.
    The only thing you need to do is, for example, load a Web page or check if you have Emails:
    The connection will be requested / made automatically.
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    I know, but some apps seem to have problems accessing data unless the connection is already established. I sometimes have that problem with apps like Xino and Snappermail. I have to connect manually in the Network prefs before I can access data.

    I wonder if there is an app that would automatically reconnect if it senses that that there is cellular signal but the GPRS connection is down...

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