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    Does anybody know what the outgoing (SMTP) server address is for a Cingular GPRS connection. Can't seem to get the info. anywhere. Thanks!
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    If I'm not mistaken, Cingular does not use SMTP server.
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    Any idea on how I can send email. Thanks.
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    What email client are you using?
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    I am using iambic Mail, with a Cingular GPRS connection. Thanks for the Help.
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    Who is your email provider (yahoo, pacbell ...) or are you trying to send a Cingular account email (
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    I am receiving emails from my web site's POP3 accounts. However, they provide no way to send.
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    "However, they provide no way to send."

    Who's they?? Cingular??
    Help me out with some details so I can try and help you.....
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    I have a web site hosted somewhere, that supports POP3 email accounts. That means that I can only receive, not send. I am using GPRS to connect to the Internet on my Treo. Before I had GPRS, I would use the mail server for my Dial-Up account, but because I am connecting using GPRS, that does not work anymore. Typically you are supposed to use the outgoing mail server, of your Internet connection-- so that should be Cingular.
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    Who was your dial up account with? Was it not through "mywireless window" with Cingular? Because if it was, your gprs connection also uses the same ISP (Cingular).
    Sorry, maybe I'm trying too hard to understand something that I'm not understanding!
    I'll let someone else step in and try to help you!
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    this has been discussed before in other threads. basically the issue is that cingular doesn't offer a SMTP server and other large ISP's (like wackbell) won't let you use their server (anti spam measure) unless you are directly connected to their network (via dialup or DSL, whatever.)

    my solution to this problem was to go and get an account at for free and I route my out going mail through that. to make life easier get a mail client that can set your 'reply to' address and make that your 'real' email address.

    I use snappermail and I'm sure eudora will do it as well.

    I hope this helps.
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    Thanks. I will do that. What do you think of SnapperMail?

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