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    Planning on getting a Treo 90 and a Sony Ericsson T300 phone. I already have t-mobile voice service and will add data service. Question is: If I get, say, 10Mb t-mobile internet service, will I also be able to access their "t-zones" data or do I have to ALSO get the t-zones service add-on? I want to be able to check email/web surf with the Treo 90 (and my laptop), but also sometimes just want to get quick sports scores on the phone without hooking up to the Treo.

    Lastly, are both of these services GPRS (always-on)?

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    T-Zones is a handset only plan that is not GPRS. Well, it might be GPRS, but it won't work for Treo, and definitely not for laptops.

    Get Internet 10 and you can use both configurations as mentioned. The T300 phone is GPRS enabled, so you can always connect as needed to check sports scores, etc. Adding the T-Zones plan would be redundant.
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    Thanks for the info. But if I get the internet plan and not the t-zones, will I be able to check scores, news, etc. on the phone without hooking up the treo?
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    Yes, the GPRS session will be initiated FROM the T300. It will connect, grab scores, etc, and disconnect afterwards. I did this with my T68 all the time before I got the treo.
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    Great, thanks!

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