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    I did the "non official" GPRS update in San Diego. My carrier is Cingular. It works very well and fast. My only suggestion is that you call Congular and sign up for "Wireless Internet Express", before you do the update on your Treo. When you sign up they will give you a username and password. You will be asked this information as you are doing the update. It appears that there is no way to enter this info. after the update. Other than doing to update twice because of the username/password issue, it went without a hitch.
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    Where did you download the upgrade from? I also have Cingular in the San Diego area, when I download from Handspring they check for the carrier, find cingular and say it's not supported yet and boots me out! I have "wireless internet" on my plan. s this the same as the express you speak of?
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    Wireless Internet is not it, you need Wireless Internet Express. Also you need to follow the instructions here:

    There is a file you download that fools the installer into thinking that you have a supported carrier. Remember to sign up for Wireless Internet Express first, and get a username and password, as you will need it for the install process.

    Good luck!
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    Appreciate the help, I had read the article however I guess I'm doing something wrong with the fake carrier file. I installed to the correct file(Ithink) I still get the message that I have Cingular service, and the Goodbye message. Is it looking at the files on my system or at Handsprings records?
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    You need to go into your backup folder in the HS program files. Whatever you named your back up folder, remove the currentcarrier.pdb file from the folder and insert the one that you downloaded (Asian file). than run the upgrade .exe patch it should than recognize Sigtel as you current carrier and allow you to continue with the upgrade. When it asks for your user name and password insert the user name and password you have for "my wireless window".
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    Thanks all for your help. I ended up removing the backup folder temporarily and created a new backup folder for the fake carrier. Worked great. Speed is much faster.

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