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    Has anyone else had any problems with T-Mobiles GPRS today? I can't connect mostly, but when it does connect, I can't get anything.

    I recently switched to the new 10MB plan, but that took effect yesterday and it was working with the T-Mobile Internet profile (Not the VPN Profile, like I previously had).

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    I am in Princeton Nj and t-mobile seems to be working here - I can browse the web and get email.

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    I guess it was me, I had to do a reset on the Treo and now its working. This is the first time I've ever had to do this. Usually a disconnect/reconnect is all that's needed to get things moving again. Is this normal for anyone else?
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    FWIW I saw in a TMo PocketPC forum that a guy was doing soft resets about once/day to keep the connection fresh - not just disconnecting/reconnecting but actually soft resetting. Seems strange that it'd be the same problem given the different hardware/OS, but maybe it's a network thing?


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