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    I have a Treo 180 and have recently applied the 1.1 GPRS upgrade. I can pick up my emails via Orange GPRS (UK) from my ISP BT Openworld but I can never manage to sent one.
    My Network preferences are set at the moment on Orange GPRS and the APN is orangeinternet.
    Can anyone tell me the correct settings to send a email via GPRS and BT internet.

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    I signed up just so I could answer your question, so think yourself lucky

    I've just worked out how to do this myself, so I suspect many people will benefit from this info. If you're using GPRS on a Treo with Orange in the UK then you will find you are unable to send mail using your ISP's SMTP server. The reason for this is quite simple and has to do with mail abuse and spamming, open relays etc. The answer is to use Orange's own SMTP server.

    If you are using Multimail, go to the settings for your email account then hit 'SMTP'. In the SMTP server field use

    And that's it. Simple. O2 users should use and Vodaphone users should be using Couldn't find one for T-Mobile, I'm afraid, you'll have to speak to them and ask for their SMTP server address.

    I think that covers it.


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    I had difficulty as well, I'm a Vodafone Connect customer. And I use BT internet Anytime for land line and normal e-mails.

    Was told that as BT Anytime (15 per month unlimited access) had to access via a BT line that gave caller-line-identity. Otherwise no access.

    I signed up with and have used that account for sending e-mails. However I can read and download e-mails from all my other POP accounts.

    I may be doing this wrong, but not much experience so far.

    Hope this helps.
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    What's happened there is, you've listened to someone who doesn't really know what they're on about. First off, there is an 0845 number that you can call from your mobile to connect to your BT dialup account. Last time I checked it was 0845 7560000, but this may have changed. Obviously this is not free, so you'll have to pay, although depending on your service contract it could be included in free minutes or whatever.

    You can now set up your Treo to pick up and send from your BT account by using the following settings:

    incoming(POP3) mail server:
    outgoing (SMTP) mail server: the same (I think)

    If you are using GPRS, then use the above server for POP3 and the vizavi one in my previous post for outgoing mail. You certainly don't need a new account from Vodaphone. The thing that most people get confused over is that the incoming server address does not need to bethe same as the outgoing one.

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    if all else fails get a free email account at hotpop and then setup your mail client to check your ISP's mail and then you can send out via hotpop. make sure you check the hotpop account before you send as that is how they authenticate. in my mail client I have a 'reply to' field which I set to my email address at my ISP so I have no problem with mail actually being sent to hotpop.
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    Hi Lee
    Thanks for taking the time to signup.
    I'm now sending emails OK using the Orange server.

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    I use vodafone gprs & blueyonder as my isp.
    I am using snapper mail, do i need password etc set up when using vodafone smtp.


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    Since middle 2002, the 0845 number for bt interent, has be taken out of access for btanytime users................

    I used to use this to collect and send mail for my bt account and o2 account with my sony clie and mobile phone ..........

    I then recieved an email from customer services informing me that i would not be able to continue to connect to the internet via this number any longer ....... and that as an btanytime subscriber, I should only use the anytime number , which of course cannot be dialed from a mobile phone ........................

    shortly after receiving the notice from Bt customer services............... the 0845 number ceased to work

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