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    A few days ago I discovered that my Treo 270 now has two "T-Mobile Internet" network profiles and two "T-Mobile VPN" profiles. I'm not sure when the second profiles were created, but they weren't there about a week ago.

    I also noticed that the home page in Blazer has changed from the default Handspring Blazer page to a T-Mobile page. This is while using the first of the "T-Mobile Internet" profiles. I'm not sure yet if this would change if I used another profile.

    I'm using GPRS 1.1.

    I wonder if this is part of T-Mobile getting ready for Treo support by Nov 1st.
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    me too. I dont use the VPN profile. I us the T-Mobile Internet profile. Wireless Internet profile doesnt work - says my acct has not been configured for GPRS. T-Mobile Internet profile worked for me until yesterday (sun) am. it doesnt work anymore for me. I am in Chicago. Called customer service and they said that they dont support the 270 :-(. oh well...
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    I'm in Chicago too, and since about Thurs. last week I've been having extremely inconsistent GPRS connections. Like you said, as of Sunday it's become almost impossible (although I still have connected).


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