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    My Treo was acting funny last night. It said "No Service - SOS Only." What does that mean? That I could only dial 911? Has anyone here seen this?
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    Since the gprs upgrade I get that when I have "no service" indication. My guess is you can still dial 911?
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    Is there more than one GSM provider in your area?

    What the message may mean is that the Treo can see a cellular provider's signal, but it isn't YOUR provider. So, whereas you can't make a normal call, you are allowed to make an emergency call on the other company's cellular network.

    Just a theory though. Try checking how many GSM providers your Treo can see (through the phone application) when you receive normal reception. Compare it to how many providers the Treo can see during the SOS message, and also during the stright "no signal message".
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    Okay, that makes sense. I think TMO was just acting up. I was still seeing two networks (TMO and ATT). The problem went away when I left Austin, but I can't really say with certainty that it was an Austin specific problem and not a regional outtage because it was working fine in Austin a few hours earlier. Thanks for the info! It's nice to know what something is when you see it!
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    When im out of service, but able to make emergancy calls i get "Emergency calls only"

    When i have "No Service" i get a Fatal Error :-/
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    Now that's what I call "No Service"!
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    I've found that if I turn the Wireless mode off and then back on, wireless mode picks up again.

    Don't know what this relates to, but seems to happen in bad cell locations and it may be that AT&T GPS service is still a bit sketchy and I'm picking up Cingular instead.
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    Yeah - I get this too with the GPRS upgrade in NC for the past few weeks. Only once did it freak me out. Ever since it might do it for a few seconds then seems to regain its sanity...

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    Mine was gone also on Saturday night - back Sunday. I think it was due to the daylight savings and TMOs networks. No problems after that - with GPRS Upgrade

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