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    I changed my SIM to my T-Mobile SIM ... and I can't change the proxy settings ... it says it is locked.

    I get the same problem that I did with AT&T Wireless, locking requiring a reboot by inserting the stylus into the back and holding the power button.

    Is there something I can do to get T-Mobile to work correctly???
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    T-Mobile is working good now ... must have been a coverage issue.

    Anyone find a fix for the AT&T locking when in GPRS?
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    Despite appearances all you have to do is to fire up the Treo with the new SIM in place and leave it for a few minutes. The new "Net Prefs' for the other carrier will be written over your old settings - they might look the same at first appearance they will have changed. You can swap back and forth but you have to wait a bit for them to 'take' if you go to a new SIM.

    This may not work in all networks worldwide though as the settings stored in the phone will not deal with GPRS networks that are being newly enabled. In that case, you might have to re-run the GPRS updater to get the latest settings from the net during the upgrade. I dont think this Internet set of files changes very often though.
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    Yes ... this may be true. But AT&T's network does not work correctly at all with the Treo. I have had my AT&T chip in for well over 72 hours and it will lock up when browsing web pages requiring you to hard reset the device.
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    I read in another thread that if you leave GPRS on with AT&T after a couple hours it'll lock up.

    I did on accident and the whole radio wouldn't work, even after a hard reset. (For anyone with that problem, run down the batteries and let sit dead for a couple hours, then plug it back in and resync).

    So now I make sure to set Blazer to disconnect on exit. (Kinda sucks to disconnect/reconnect every time though).

    The other piece was if you want to change locked settings, I've found no way to get around it, however you can add a new "Service" and set everything there (for AT&T you can have madeup username and password).
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