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    What are some of the prepaid cell services that cover the western half of Canada?
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    Out west you're probably looking at Telus for better coverage.
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    They all do Orion, here's a link:

    Canadian Cell phone Carriers

    As far as coverage, they are all fairly equal depending on the area. I know on Vancouver Island, even in some of the "major" centers there are still holes, but that's just the lay of the land, and they are fairly green out there and do what they can to limit the obtrusiveness of towers etc.

    Out west, Bell & Telus share towers to a certain extent due to a deal made when Telus branched out East and Bell out west. I know here in Calgary, Bell owns their own towers in the city and piggybacks off of Telus elsewhere.

    Chat-R, Fido are a part of Rogers
    Solo is Bell
    Koodo is Telus

    Wind is a newer company, only available in major cities at the moment but has good offers, providing you have your own phone.

    There are several other off-shoot companies as well: VirginMobile, 7-11, Petro-Canada and a few others, not sure of their "parent" companies as they use one of the Big 3's (Telus, Bell, Rogers) networks.

    SaskTel is Saskatchewan as well. That's all I got for you.
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