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    Actually, I am right. The new voice plans have been out for a couple days. I upgraded two days ago - I now get 5000 (!) minutes for $100/mo.

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    How can you use 5000 minutes? That's over 80 hours of talk time per month.
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    1) Kill your landline
    2) Talk on the phone alot.


    Besides, it was the same price as my old 1500 minute plan
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    I was hoping something would happen today 11/1. Didn't expect anything though. I'm seriously considering switching to Sprint. In my rough calculations it would cost basically the same amount per year for me. I think T-mobile's GPRS is still too expensive for me to switch from using regular CSD.

    If I go one more year with T-mobile.
    I'd probably sign up for new contract and get a phone in NYC.
    Sell the new phone for ~$200 profit on ebay.
    Total cost for one year of service is: $480 = 12 * $39.99
    Total cost for another year with T-mobile is $~310
    ($280 = $480 - $200 + $30 activation fee)

    If I switch and go with Sprint for one year.
    Sell my Treo 270 for ~$400 on ebay.
    Buy Treo 300 for $500 at Amazon (b4 rebate).
    Total equipment cost is $100 = $500 - $400
    Total service cost is $485 = (3 months * $30) + (9 months * $40) + $35 activation fee
    Total cost before rebate is $585 = $100 + $485
    Total cost after rebate is $~335 = $585 - ($200 + $50) rebates

    Total cost for switching to Sprint for a year is $335

    These are rough numbers. . . didn't factor in taxes and fees. Sprint does have less anytime minutes but includes unlimited nights so I'm fine with that. So for me, switching to Sprint with it's unlimited Vision service is extremely tempting. I have one more day to decide before the $50 Sprint rebate expires.
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    I am also fed up with Handspring, while I love my 270, and I have never had any problems with it, I need data access for work, that was the main purpose for this purchase (any time now). I could never recommend Handspring to anyone (or T-mobile for that matter their coverage in the Chicago area is horrid).
    If the Danger unit can be released, why not the treo...something doesn't seem right!
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    Isn't it obvious. Microsoft got to T-Mobile and AT&T and must have made them such a sweet deal, that poor little HS has been left out in the cold. We may be witnessing the demise of yet another great product to the Microsoft giant. Notice how much both of these companies are embracing the Pocket PC phone. Never mind that it is bigger, has more on it than you want to carry in your pocket, and enslaves you to graffiti.

    Once again it is the power of the buck!
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    For what its worth, I have been told that HS's deal with the providers prohibits staggered North American release of the upgrade and that one of them (not TMo, btw) is holding back release. I have no independent knowledge of the accuracy of this.
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    "enslaves you to graffiti"

    While researching the possibility of switching I came across a VERY cool virtual keyboard for the PPC...check this out...

    If I switch I'm getting this for SURE.

    I'm giving T-Mo/HS until Jan.1, then I'm outta here.

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    Originally posted by anthonymoody
    Actually, I am right. The new voice plans have been out for a couple days. I upgraded two days ago - I now get 5000 (!) minutes for $100/mo.

    I was being sarcastic.

    New voice plans do not a happy GPRS user make...
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    Originally posted by larryk

    If the Danger unit can be released, why not the treo...something doesn't seem right!
    Especially considering the Sidekick was proably just on the drawing board, with maybe a few clay prototypes, when the 180 was for sale to consumers. And it beats the Treo to the GPRS door.
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    It's 11/1, and no Treo 270 GPRS release. So what did I do today? I bought myself a SideKick.

    The drawbacks? No desktop PIM (i.e.: Outlook) sync, and the minute plan ain't so great right now.

    But I've heard that third parties are actively working on Outlook sync ... so it's coming. And I've heard rumor that they're going to make some new (better) rate plans for this device. If they want it to sell in the business space, they'd have to.

    My Treo 270 hard buttons were mapped to Phone, email, AOL IM, address book, to-do list, SMS, and Blazer. That's 95% of what I used my Treo for. The SideKick does all of these - and amazingly well.

    Even with the GPRS patch, I'm of a mindset that the Palm OS just isn't up to handling it right now. Why? The lack of multitasking. I can literally start browsing a web page and let it load, switch over to AOL IM and send a few messages, and then pop back over to the web page. While I'm viewing the web page, a few emails might come in in the background - I'll get a notification that they're there and then I can spin over to the mail app and check them out, and then spin back to the browser and pick up right where I left off.

    I've got to hand it to Danger - they've done a good job implementing this unit. I haven't exported my Outlook data into the web-based PIM yet, but will soon. I'm still "evaluating" it for another week or so ... but I've got to say at this point it looks like I'll be keeping it.

    Email was really the key. I want nice, simple, reliable email. All the time (but I don't want a Blackberry - yuk). I've tried every other email package out there for Palm, and none of them came even close to how well this does email.

    Of course, there are a few Palm apps I will sorely miss - but I will make due. Life is about compromise. I'm sure some folks will be tied to certain apps that they can't live without ... but for those who could take the Palm OS or leave it, I'd say the SideKick is worth a look.


    (lifetime history: Palm Pilot 1000, Palm III, Palm VII, Samsung SPH-I300 Palm Phone, Visor Prism+AirPrime Module, Treo 270, ....)
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    Originally posted by Appleman
    And it beats the Treo to the GPRS door.
    Actually, with the exception of the low-low end freebie phones, EVERYTHING has beat the Treo to the GPRS door. The PocketPC, Sidekick, all the high-end world-class phones ... they ALL support GPRS.

    It's almost like the Treo is seen as a red-headed stepchild....
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    Hey Toomer.

    I've thought about making the move you just did (but wont until desktop sync comes out in any case) and was wondering how it feels to go back to a b/w screen after the 270? I mean, the color screen on the 270 isnt great, but it's there. What's your experience been?
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    I ordered by 270 back in June and I'm pissed ! It lies around on my desk only getting use on weekends with unlimited T-Mobile minutes when I dial into my AT&T account and use the sloooow dial-up connection. This is not what was hyped to all of us. The release date keeps getting pushed back. No I will not just use the patch that is out now. So what if everybody says it's safe, ever hear of Murphy's Law ? I'm not gonna take even the smallest chance on frying my device. I want my money back because I was not provided what was advertised. In the mean time I have bought a SideKick and I love it. There is even a really cool community online for it already Hiptop Nation Anybody wanna buy a Treo 270 ?
    "Increase The Peace"
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    Anybody wanna buy a Treo 270 ?
    How much?
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    Originally posted by metsfan

    How much?
    You have PM.
    "Increase The Peace"
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    Originally posted by anthonymoody
    I've thought about making the move you just did (but wont until desktop sync comes out in any case) and was wondering how it feels to go back to a b/w screen after the 270? I mean, the color screen on the 270 isnt great, but it's there. What's your experience been?
    I thought about this -- because I do love the color screen. But then it hit me:

    What the heck do I use - on a regular basis - that's actually in color?

    Calendar? No.
    Address Book? No.
    AIM (QuickChat)? No.
    Email? No.
    To-Do's? No.
    SMS? No.
    Browsing? Ok ... you got me on this one. But I'm sorry, Blazer ain't all that ...

    So, in the end ... the biggest use of color I had was for a few games (that I rarely ever play - not much of a PDA gamer), and SplashPhoto.

    I decided that these are two things that I could do without if I had truly killer email/AIM/browsing.

    Outlook sync is reportedly due out early 2003. Beyond that, all I need is a better minute plan and it's a great device for me. I still can't believe I'm saying this after being loyal to Palm for so many years - but just like the Palm platform was revolutionary for the PDA market (remember those horrible Casio BOSS things?) ... this SideKick might prove to be just as revolutionary for the wireless communicator market. It has the potential - the question remains as to whether the market will adopt it.

    You owe it to yourself to give it a try for a few days ... I think you'll have a hard time putting it down, and you'll realize that a color screen pales in comparison to having great email, AIM, and browsing capabilities.

    Good luck!

    PS: If I do decide to stick with this device, I may try to come back to Palm once they have an OS5 based communicator that can actually multitask and has a better processor speed. Right now, I just think that the single-threading OS of the Palm can't do communicator functions as well as we all need/want/expect.
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    I like color more the improved contrast, readability, sharpness, etc. even if it's only perceived. Maybe I need glasses!

    Anyone else wanna but a 270?

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    I too was waiting until 11/1 for the GPRS upgrade... bummer. I use a Treo 270, but still have my Treo 180, so I decided to try applying the upgrade to the 180. It worked fine, but then no GPRS connection with T-Mobile here in Chicago.

    They said they are having problems with their Internet connection, but it should be fixed by Monday at 10:30 PM. Could this be the "new" rollout time? (wishful thinking perhaps...)
    Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana.
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    I think a really good reason to get the color Treo is the backlit keyboard. It's a real shame they left it off the 180. That's the main reason I want to get a 270 instead.

    Well, that, and SimCity in B&W just isn't the same.
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