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    While setting up my ISP details on my Treo I noticed I have a predefined network connection called "Wireless Internet". There is no username or password set up, the phone number is set to "wireless" and that's all the settings there are.

    Now I've never used this assuming that it's garbage, but I've just inadvertantly hit "connect" and was amazed to find that it not only connected to something but actually provided a viable Internet connection! I don't have the GPRS upgrade installed, so what on earth is this? And is it costing me a fortune?

    I'm on Vodafone in the UK -- any information or suggestions would be welcome.
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    You are calling a cingular network access number!!
    +1 and 10 digits. In the USA!

    this data is somehow in your phone.
    "Wireless Internet" is sort of a brand that Cingular wireless uses.

    you should call Vodaphone and try to get a refund.

    Also, a question for you. does Vodaphone have a "pay as you" go account for GPRS? it would come in handy for my trips over there.
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    I don't think it is, you know. I think the phrase "Wireless Internet" is a coincidence. Certainly I've never had anything to do with Cingular

    There is no phone number set (+1 or otherwise) -- in the phone number field it just says "wireless" and the whole thing connects far too quickly to be dialling a modem in the classic sense of the word.

    If I didn't know for a fact I don't have the GPRS upgrade installed, I'd conclude it was the GPRS connection. But it can't be.
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    It's impossible to connect via GPRS without the GPRS software update. So I don't think you are connecting via GPRS. The wireless number in the Phone number field simply appears to reference a hidden/encrypted database that contains a carrier's ISP settings (ie: username/password/etc) for a circuit-switched connection (not a GPRS connection). My guess is that you are connecting via Vodafone's ISDN network, which I've seen connect as fast as 10 seconds.

    Here's one way to differentiate between a GPRS connection and a CSD/ISDN connection.
    1) Connect to the data network via Network Prefs
    2) Press the Phone button

    On GPRS, you would simply see the speed dial screen and be able to dial a number
    On CSD/ISDN, it will notify you if you want to disconnect the data call

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