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    Here's the story of my AT&T Veer shopping experience. I went into AT&T Friday to go check out the Veer finally and see if i could save some money over my Verizon contract, 4 phones, 2 with data all sharing 1400 mins on a family plan with unlimited text. I'm at $218/Mo.
    I make a b-line to the Veer and surprisingly see a Pixi sitting beside it, which i didn't expect but was happy to still see being offered. Both phones were back in the corner and the veer was dead and unplugged. I plugged in the Veer and waited a couple minutes for it to take a bit of a charge and boot up, meanwhile i marveled at the ugly Pixi. I've never seen one first hand and it looked ancient in it's design compared to every other smartphone in the store., Anyway that's all I'm going to say about the Pixi., just glad i didn't order one since you can seemingly get them everywhere for the cheap. Once the Veer was up and running i was very impressed with the feel and speed of it but, like i suspected the screen is absolutely useless, a smartphone should not have a screen this tiny, who wants to pinch and zoom around a web page and drag it back and forth to read the sentences? I love the size of the device and it would have been a done deal if the screen took up the entire face of the device from corner to corner,.but it doesn't So now I'm waiting for 50 minutes to talk to a sales rep because the store is super busy with angry customers. On either side of the store is a service counter and behind these counters are two large plastic bins full of new, returned phones. AT&T bought up Alltel here and the transition has been horrible, I have a lot of friends/colleagues that were with Alltel and for the last few weeks I've heard nothing but complaints and have had nothing but complaints myself, either the network is too busy the call cannot connect or it goes straight to a voice mail that is not setup or if it is, it does not accept messages at all. I step up to the salesman and you can tell he's had a rough day, he doesn't even look up at me and says "What can i help you with?" I say "I'm looking to change carriers if it can save me some money." he looks up and says "Really?" in the form of a question. I say "Yep" he says "Who do you have now?" I reply "Verizon" His eyebrow raises and again, he repeats the question "Really?" I laugh out loud and say "Well, enough said i guess!" We then go over what i have and what i need,. You can tell the guy is happy to be talking to someone who is not furious with their service. I state that i have a Pre+ and my wife is there at my side holding up the same device. He says "You like those?" We both enthusiastically reply "YES! We love them, but they are getting old" again he says in the form of a question "Really?, You like them?". At this point I'm kinda getting annoyed with this guys sales tactics. I then ask about the Pre3. He says he has no idea if they are getting it and doesn't seem to care. He tries to push the Iphone 4 at me and i don't bite, after reviewing what they have to offer (half the minutes and 2gb restricted data compared to my unlimited plan for the same amount of money), overhearing the complaints of other customers for a hour about bad customer service and $500.00 overcharges that can't be removed until after they are billed out, bad coverage area and such, I'm happily walking out the door a more faithful Verizon customer now more than ever. Good luck AT&T, I guess the moral of this story is if Verizon does not get the Pre3 then i will have to either stick with my aged Pre+ or get a Android. Dear Verizon, Bring us a Pre3! This is what i dealt with when checking out the new HP Veer, a slap in the face for enjoying WebOS., a neglected device laying dead and unsupported by a sales team in the back corner surrounded by big beautiful Droids and Iphones. It was a big disappointment to see WebOS represented this way., Only shown to us since i asked about it specifically...
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    why not look at sprint its waaaaaaay cheaper....this is from a former 10 year verizon customer
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    Quote Originally Posted by boyo3221 View Post
    why not look at sprint its waaaaaaay cheaper....this is from a former 10 year verizon customer
    Sprint 1500 min Everything data/Text
    4 Lines = $190 + Tax = $210 (max)

    Sprint breakdown
    First 2 lines= $129.99
    $19.99 each addl line = $39.98
    $10 premium data x2= $20.
    + taxes

    Verizon 1400 min Everything Data/Text
    4 Lines = $209 + tax = 230

    Verizon Breakdown
    First 2 lines= $89.99
    $9.99 each addl line = $19.98
    Family Messaging Unltd= $30
    Unlmtd Data $30 x2= $60.
    + taxes

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    Quote Originally Posted by boyo3221 View Post
    why not look at sprint its waaaaaaay cheaper....this is from a former 10 year verizon customer
    Because he wants a new webOS device to replace their Pre Pluses

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    Quote Originally Posted by NuttyBunny View Post
    Because he wants a new webOS device to replace their Pre Pluses

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    see, that goes to show you the region though. Sprint WAS number 1 in my market, then they started screwing with their towers. I looked into verizon and att.
    Verizon data in this area is slllllloooow! Sprint was 1-1.5m, but now its in and out while standing still. Verizon is like 700kbps....
    at&t is h+ and I have been averaging 2.5m so yeah, I'm happy. I haven't come close to 2g, with such better battery life from gsm, I just leave the wifi on.
    either way the manager at the Att store told me that they never sell palms, this is an iphone store. Told me that they sell around 8 thousand iphones a month and basically nothing else.
    I thought about that and looked it up... 234,878 according to the last census for the county.....I used universal search on my pixi and showed them...I called bs.
    went to bestbuy and picked up 2 veers for free. Still need 2 more, gunna get them this week. Love this phone. It fits in my pockets. Guys there were like, we got one in??? And pulled it out, set it up and gave them a quick run down of why is awesome. They both said they loved the pre but the build quality sucked... ( I did not disagree). They both were like 'wow, that's so much faster than the pixi. Oh cool, its got flash! Hey its like a real smartphone, only smaller'
    so then I go to the Att store to get my discount because bestbuy can't add it, and a different employee was there and he was like, 'can I play with that?' hand it to him, and he said 'man if we had any of these I could sell these like crazy!' I put my head down and pointed to the display phone... Lol he then told me they only have the display phone and it seems like it has a glitch, I told him yeah it does, the security dongle is stuck to the touchscreen. Anyways, att works in my house and my neighborhood, which sprint no longer does.(Sprint resolution was to send me an airrave and change the map on, not fix the outage going on 5months)
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    Quote Originally Posted by boyo3221 View Post
    why not look at sprint its waaaaaaay cheaper....this is from a former 10 year verizon customer
    If he's in an area where Altel is being converted to AT&T, it's quite possible that Sprint is not an option for service.
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