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    Well I've officially given up on Cingular. After months (on and off) spent trying to get any data service to work on my Treo 180, I had to just give up. I was getting these immense phone bills... and no service. I think the bill was because I was going over my allotment of SMS messages. Was using BaseJet as my mail client which relies on SMS to tell the phone to dial up to pick up mail. SMS works great. dialing up never worked though.

    I tried the regular dialup/login style and now I've tried the GRPS system. Never did get the magic grps triangle icon. Though on a phone reboot I would see Wireless Internet Express listed.

    8 phone calls later things are still not working. I've wiped and started from scratch so many times I've lost count. Probably 10-12 complete retries. Maybe GRPS doesn't work in my area. Maybe theres something seriously hosed with my account or with my SIM. I don't know. But I can't keep paying for service that doesn't work.

    Funniest thing is that this worked once. When I first got my 180, back in May or June I think it worked great. I discovered BaseJet and I loved it. I was auto-dialing in, auto-connecting, auto-pulling mail. It was wonderful. Then around August it started failing to connect intermittently with error 1231. By September it was always failing. Haven't gotten it to connect since. I'm very disappointed.

    I feel like the guy on the Sprint PCS commercial... "Look, Robert's doing that blowing thing with his lips.... what other ways do we have to wait for email?"

    Back to my blackberry for now. Multiple devices. <sigh>
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    I'm using the same cingular as you have I have no problems. My GPRS works but I do have a difficult time sometimes connect via dialup to cingular's network. I did find a free isp in washington state called no charge. I can almost always connect to them. I also have better luck connecting to Cingular using these settings:

    Dailup Number: 18472549270
    User Name: WIDC0001@W4.MYCINGULAR.COM
    Password: ZXY203DC9K0402
    Connection: Wireless Modem

    About your service, these are the things you need:

    Data Line, a seperate line and phone number to your phone only used for data, usually ~$4 (Used for CSD and GPRS)

    Wireless Internet Express Data Connect for Connecting Laptops to the internet via your wireless phone, I think about $8 for 1MB (For GPRS)

    Just having the data line should give you dialup ability, having both of these correctly provisioned on your account should give you the triangle. I've had to go up to Tier 3 tech support several times just to get my GPRS working correctly. Hope this helps.
    Steve Lineberry

    Cingular GSM
    Treo 600
    Treo 270
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    It probably would help. But at this stage I'm just more inclined to throw my Treo off a bridge. I'm just using it as PDA now. I'm so frustrated I'm just going to let this tech mature another year and then I'll try again. In a year I'll be hungry for a color PDA/phone I'm sure and prices will be more reasonable. For now, blackberry rules. You turn it on and it Just Works. All these hoops with Treo aren't worth it. For me anyway. I appreciate that it could be a fun hobby to "hack" a solution here. But I'm just not in the mood.

    -Robert Larson
    MCSE / CNA <-- a generally smart techie guy that can figure these things out but not this thing. Is it the Treo? Is it Cingular? I just don't care anymore. Grr.

    For the record, I'm not really mad... I just think the tech needs to bake for several more months before its consumer-ready. I've grown so tired of explaining to Cingular reps what a Treo is... what gprs is, etc. <sigh>
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    It's been tough trying to get Cingular to properly set up my account for GPRS. It was working for 3 weeks then they did what they call an audit of services. This resulted in none of my data services working GPRS and no dialup. I waited a couple of days expecting things to start working again but it didn't so I called them and found out that for some reason my account had 3 data lines provisioned and that they just decided to eliminate all of them which left me with no data service. The tech (level 2) could not fix anything but the GPRS connection which he did quickly but had to get someone else to work on the dialup connectivity problem.

    Anyway about 4 phone calls and a week later, everything is working again properly but there are times when one or the other data services are not available.

    It's just weird. Cingular is having some problems but my phone service coverage area has grown and grown reliably over the last 4 months. It's just the data services that I've had trouble with.

    My contract with Cingular ends this month but I'll probably continue with them since I've had the number for quite a while.

    I know your frustration Robert.

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    I think what helps me is my old phone before I got the treo was a nokia 6190 and whenever I call cingular I put my sim in that phone and that's the phone I tell them I have. I also have the nokia data suite which allows data calls over the 6190 even though the phone doesn't have an internal modem. Anyways, telling them I have this phone usually makes them more than willing to help me since it's not a new product. I get it working with my nokia then I know my account is setup properly. The only complication that came around is when the GPRS upgrade came out my nokia doesn't support GPRS. But still when I call I rarely have to tell them I am using a Treo. I picked up some of their lingo and use that when I call and I usually get quickly escalated to the right people and they rarely ask what phone I use.

    My biggest problems with my account using the GPRS service is that my GPRS service for my phone number wasn't added to the switch. For some reason sometimes my phone number disappears off the switch and I have to call up get escalated to Tier 3 and have them use the RAPID system to re-add me back to the switch.

    Here are some dialogue for when I call cingular (NC, SC, TN, GA) and get things working on my account. Usually when I call first you get Tier 1 and I tell them, "My GPRS Wireless Internet Express (Because some people don't know that Wireless Internet Express is GPRS ;-O so I say both ) service has quit working and I wanted to make sure that it has been correctly provisioned and added to the switch via the RAPID system." Tier 1 will say, "I don't have access to the rapid system, I will escalate you to tier 2." BTW, every level will ask you for your last 4 digits of your social and your billing address. If you spout this out as soon as they ask initially it makes things go faster and they realize that you've done this lots before and you might be frustrated and that you mean business. Then when Tier 2 answers I give them the same line. If they know what the crap I'm talking about then they are usually helpful. If they have no idea they will escalate me to Tier 3 and that's where I've had to get most of my stuff worked out with cingular. Also, anyone that helps you and says it should start working but you try and it doesn't and they say to give it time, ask for their CARE ID. They probably won't give it to you but it lets them know you know something about how they are identified on they system and gives them a bad feeling they might get into trouble if they are blowing you off. It usually gets them to do the right thing.

    I'm pretty sure the tier 1 and 2 tech support for cingular is in Fayettville, NC and the Tier 3 is in Atlanta, GA. Tier 3 is the most helpful but if you don't call things by the name they have in their system they don't really know what you are talking about. Cingular in Atlanta I think is TDMA. When I first got to tier 3 the person I was talking to had no clue what GPRS was, so I had to start using the term "Wireless Internet Express" and that helped a ton. So try to use Cingular's terms for things when you get to that level.

    Hope this helps you robertl1 if you get any desire for the treo back again.
    Steve Lineberry

    Cingular GSM
    Treo 600
    Treo 270
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    Thanks Steve, helpful tips. I'd gotten used to the spouting my social and address rapidly.

    I'd actually spoken to one tech who said he uses a Treo and had it in his hand with him. He was most helpful. I asked for his direct line and he wouldn't give it up.

    I'm gonna let the thing sit for awhile. Maybe more people at cingular will get it together.

    Neat idea about switching back to the Nokia. My old phone was a Nokia 6190 too (I think that's the number). I had no idea you could do email on a phone like that. My SIM was in that phone about 4 years ago, moved to a Visor Phone, now has move to my Treo 180. I do sometimes wonder if the SIM is worn out somehow. I occasionally get a Unable to Read SIM message. Always after a reset though (hard or soft). So I figure it's just a timeout issue. It always resolves if I just let the phone sit for a minute or two.

    In other news. Today I realized, after coming out of a meeting where I had silent mode switched on the 180 that my Vibrate function is now lost. I get no vibrate function no matter what I try. Now, this either happened because of the gprs update or because I dropped the treo (1 foot fall onto carpet with lid closed). I've cracked a screen doing a similar drop with my old Visor Phone. So I can believe that I've knocked loose whatever mechanism it is that makes the phone vibrate. Not a big deal as I rarely use vibrate. But any chance the update hosed me??
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    I don't know. My old treo 270 with the 1.0 Update for some reason the vibrate sometimes would not work and sometimes would. I don't know if it just wore out or it was the update. Sorry man.

    As far as the GPRS and CSD, If you ever wanted to get together sometime and swap SIMs to see if it was the phone or your account I'd be willing to meet you somewhere. If rmcalister wanted to join in that would be great, I've been wanting to meet him.
    Steve Lineberry

    Cingular GSM
    Treo 600
    Treo 270
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    Originally posted by ShockSLL
    As far as the GPRS and CSD, If you ever wanted to get together sometime and swap SIMs to see if it was the phone or your account I'd be willing to meet you somewhere. If rmcalister wanted to join in that would be great, I've been wanting to meet him.
    Sure, just let me schedule is pretty flexible during the day so we could have lunch. Just give me a call.

    Or we could meet for Monday Night Football. There are usually a few guys at my place to watch the game. We eat manly food (chili and wings) and talk about manly topics (not being wimpy).

    Several of the guys are palm users. One has a Clie .One has a Palm VII. One has an M125. All are enamored with my Treo 270.

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    i got my 180 to do gprs. seems like sometimes things lock up when i go to connect but so far it's working. had to to do a hard reset (after trying to use aol aim) after the hard reset the network preference screen was different and it asked for the APN and isp.cingular worked
    when i restored my database the network screen was back to the way it was after i did the gprs rom flash.
    as you can see i have no clue what i am doing but it works
    for some reason features such as My GPRS Wireless Internet Express will suddenly drop of f ones account. happened twice in past 2 days. maybe it will stick this time.
    janet (chapel hill)

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