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    From the wireless portion of the ATT website, they have a list at the bottom of the page, called New Devices. The HP Veer is not on the list...

    New Devices

    LG Phoenix™
    LG Thrive™
    Motorola Atrix™ 4G*
    HTC Freestyle™
    HTC Inspire™ 4G*

    We complained about Sprint support w/the Pre-, but can the support from ATT get any worse than it currently is?
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    - One review on the ATT site... guy has obviously used the phone...

    Cons -

    Battery life - (review posted probably before he charged it...)
    OS -

    and my favorite - bulky.

    Right... bulky like the Moto Razr...
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    It doesn't show the Samsung Infuse 4G either. Give it time.

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