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    Hello everybody,

    I'am a french user.
    I not yet purchase a TREO. But I am very interested.

    But I've got a question?

    Actually I have a Ipaq 3760 and a T68i (Don't hit me please )

    And my T68 is GPRS 4+1.

    The TREO after the GPRS Patch is 2+1.

    Is it normally more slowly? I'm wrong?
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    The update will have no affect on your uplink and downlink speeds. The Treo Communicator radio is 4 + 1. Have you checked your setting and how is your coverage?
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    No, no. It is Class 2, which means 2 + 1. So the Treo is potentially slower than the T68 for downloads.
    However GPRS speed depends heavily on the current frequency availability in your area of coverage, and most times your mobile operator will give you just 1 or 2 download channels anyway.
    Overall, I don't think you will suffer from less speed.

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