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    I recently installed the GPRS upgrade 1.1 and everything works fine.

    The only problem is that I am getting this message now, whenever I sync:

    Error opening registry(While searching for files path) run syncronizer.exe
    Error getting file path from registry run syncronizer.exe
    Wrong datatype in registry

    Is this related to the GPRS upgrade? Does anyone know what this means and if it can be fixed?

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    I don't have any files related to synchronizer on my computer or gprs treo. I doubt this has anything to do with the gprs software, but probably some third party software you may be using. Maybe a third party conduit or application.
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    Seems like an app I installed called iPass which contains all the local dial-up numbers for a EUnet (former KPNQwest) was the root of the problem.

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