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    Hi I'm a newbie 270 owner in the UK and thought that I'd do the 1.1 ugrade before entering much stuff.

    When I installed the HS CD onto my PC at home I only installed the palm desktop, and did not go ahead and set up e-mail & browsing stuff.

    Then upgraded to 1.1 last night, seemed to go well. At one point the PC said press next to proceed with the upgrade AND the Treo said press here to install upgrade. So I hit the Treo's reply. It then went ahead and installed the ROM upgrade.

    However I now go back to the desk top on the PC and try to finish the comms install for Treo and am having problems.

    There are 5 steps if I remember correctly.

    1. Make sure that SIM card is in
    2. Make sure that you are live on the network -
    3. Reading sim card for service providers info
    4. Wait 2 mins for the sim card to be read
    5. So a sync to save data

    I follow these carefully and after pressing next I immediatly get 2 windows opening, the top one is an error message saying that the SIM card can not be read, underneath is a long window saying "please wait whilst service provider information is read from the phone."

    I can read info from the sim card from the Treo fine and copy names and numbers to the speed dials. Also my phone on Treo is working fine. EVAN THE HEADSET BUG IS FIXED !!

    Any ideas please

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    chatting to Vodafone GPRS help desk got me on line.

    now have to get e-mail configured.
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    I've exactly the same problem you described. Please, can you say the sollution Vodafone help desk give to you?
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    Hi, I have not yet got any further with the part two of the Handspring install, It will still not read my sim card.

    However once Vodafone had "activated" the GPRS facility on my mobile account I went into:
    tapped on the menu word in the top right and selected Network
    Then chose Vodafone GPRS in the Service field

    I had to Unlock and Modify
    Connection = GPRS
    Username = web (no change)
    Password = -Assigned no change
    APN = Internet (no change)

    Then when I hit Connect it did!

    good luck.
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    Talking to HS support in Europe they asked what voltage my SIM card was. I did not know. My phone shop thought that 3V cards stoped being used about 4 yrs ago.

    HS support said that I needed a 3V one otherwise the Palmdesktop could not work properly????

    This my be part of my problem.
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    Thak you, Raphael.

    My sim card is too old, sure, but finally I could resolve this problem downloading and charging it to Treo when the configuration wizard wizard make the Hotsync.

    At all, I can connect to Vodafone Spain by GPRS, obtaining automatically my IP, gateway and DNS. But... Blazer still can't download nothing (always connecting... until the connection error message), and the E-mail applications fails when trying to connect to my mail server. There must be no DNS problems, because One-Touch mail resolves correctly the IP of my mail server URL.

    Vodafone Spain Help Desk is no sollution for this problem, because they aren't information about Treo 270.

    Any Ideas?
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    I am sorry but I am not sure what to do next. I am a very new user of my Treo 270 and only a "normal" user without any technical expertise.

    My only suggestion is to start a new thread on this forum asking your question in another way. It might possibly trigger somebody to respond to help you.

    What about listing your actions as you try to access the web via GPRS describing each step by step until you get no further. Somebody else may comment.

    sorry that you have exausted my helping capacity

    regards Raphael

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