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    I am AT&T GSM user on West Coast. I am trying to make GSM DATA aka CSD
    dialup connection to work on my Treo without suceess. When I put Cignular SIM card into the same treo with same settings, it works fine.

    I've called AT&T and they said that it should work, no special setup
    is required on their side, but they could not help me further because
    Treo is not supported.

    Does anybody have data connection (not GPRS) working with Treo
    on AT&T GPRS network?
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    Called AT&T a couple weeks ago, after about 5 calls between AT&T and Handspring I discovered by one of their Representatives (who was much more knowledgable than any of the others I spoke with) said that AT&T does not offer CSD service on the GSM network...only GPRS.

    He also knew what a Treo 270 was, and that AT&T had not yet approved the GPRS software upgrade which was why I couldn't access the internet...a significant improvement over the knowledge base of most of their reps.

    I should say that I've been with AT&T (TDMA) for about 2 years and I usually find their service friendly and helpful. However, with new technology I guess they've got some catching up to do (and quick I hope).

    Sorry for the bad news....but basically there's no way but GPRS for AT&T.
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