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    Does anyone know if there is any application that allows you to benchmark the speed of data transfer on GPRS?

    Holding down the down key when connecting displays 9600, but apparently this is not a true indication.

    Is it just me, but the speed I get on GPRS (SFR France) is really not impressive at all, still feels like good old 9600!

    Sure its quicker if you consider there is no logging in process, but actually viewing web pages is still painfully slow.

    I'd like to have some ammunition before I contact SFR about the issue and a benchmark program would do just that.
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    Originally posted by manu
    You posted that 8 hours ago, give people a chance. An idea: create a webpage with a given amount of text on it. Time the time it takes to load it on your Treo.
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    The 9600 indication means nothing. GPRS takes 1 or more 9600 channels from the GSM network according to the need and to the availability in the specific area. And channels are only allocated when the phone uploads/downloads data; they are released when there is no traffic.
    I am on Vodafone Italy, and when I load web pages in Blazer I look at the blue circle which gives you an indication of how many kbytes have been transferred so far. At times I can easily notice speeds of 2 KB per second, which is equivalent to 19,200 bps, or 2 GPRS channels.
    Actually the Treo can only work with a maximum of 2 GPRS channels during download (and just one during upload). So if your mobile operator supports 14,400 bps GSM connections, you should be able to achieve a maximum download speed of 28,800 bps, otherwise it will be 19,200 bps.
    So, as said previously, I notice pretty good download speeds in Blazer. There are however pauses sometimes, and sometimes it gets slower, but that may depend on the wireless connections' stability, or even on Blazer's proxy.
    Hope it helps.
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    Grazie Sirox!

    I think SFR only support 9600 GSM so the max I can get is 19,200!

    No wonder I can't see the difference! Well I guess I can just wait until SFR upgrades their equipment, but I must say all the hype around GPRS and the Treo, at least here in France, is very misleading.

    However you mention a Blazer proxy, I currently don't use one.

    Should I? Where do I get the settings?

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