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    hi all

    like other treo users (no doubt) I installed the PhoneHalLib patch
    several months ago on my 270 (it was posted on this site i think...)

    this patch was meant to cure the dropped calls problem whilst using the
    headphone, many people complained about this at the time...
    I installed it and it has worked ever since but my question is this:

    can i now delete the patch after having (successfully) installed the GPRS 1.1 upgrade? it isn't necesarily causing problems but i would rather delete any unnecessary patches if possible and I'm assuming this has been integrated into the update?

    I am experiencing erratic behaviour with SMS and the phone occassionally stops working (although i have a strong signal my phone diverts all calls to voicemail...even though everything appears ok)

    does anybody know if this patch has become redundant or wether there are
    other cures for my problems?



    p.s.why did they move call histrory? a downgrade in my opinion...
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    I've installed GPRS 1.1 since the first day (two weeks ago) and I deleted the PhoneHalLib patch.
    I didn't noticed anymore lost calls with headset.
    Handspring must have included it in the GPRS Upgrade, they just forgot to mention it (as they forgot to mention the bug on their website...)
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    for the tip

    vive la france!
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    I had the GPRS 1.1 update and still had the call hang up when I inserted my headset. I upgraded to 1.1.1 yesterday and am still seeing the problem.

    I've got a case open with Handspring right now and they've sent me the PhoneHalLib.prc patch.

    I'm not sure if Handspring knows that I have the GPRS update installed, though, as I have Cingular service. So, I don't know if the patch is necessary. Has anyone here installed GPRS update and then the patch?

    Does it help the problem?

    I posted to another forum that I seem to be able to not disconnect if I place the call on hold first, plug in headset and then un-hold the call.
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    This patch was rolled into the gprs upgrade.

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