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    I dont' think Cingular's GPRS data tracking is fully operational. Should make for interesting conversation with the consumer services reps when the paper data bill doesn't match what's online...
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    Will find out in a few days! My billing cycle just ended on the 15th...
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    oops -- sorry about that. see my reply under this dicussion, but not this thread. it's subject is "more cingular." i'll try to fix it when i'm at a computer, but I can't edit or even paste it or a link in from my treo!

    in essence, it says I can't login on that screen. it won't take my username and it won't allow me to set up a new account because cingular here uses a 13 digit account and seems to only allow 9 digits on the wesr coast. to log in, we first must enter a zip code. this only seems to make sense if different geographies are using ifferent systems. imho.
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    Originally posted by ShockSLL

    I agree. Now that I have KBTracker, I'm pretty sure I went over my 1MB last month, but i didn't encur one single charge nor did my bill show my GPRS usage.
    I'm also pretty sure I went over, but there was no indication of my usage anywhere on my bill so I don't know how I did on data usage.
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