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    anybody tried this software? think it links photos of friends to their telephone numbers....
    I can't seem to find an image library tho, anybody know how to create one?
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    I use Ringo I like better than TreoPicture that I also tried.
    But be aware that Ringo still has few bugs that need to be ironed out.

    I can't seem to find an image library
    I created my image library with Handspring Photo Album (v.1.0) that you can find on Handpsring Web site (

    Best of all it is free and very easy to use!
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    Hi i tried ringo but when the party calls, the picture stays there and parts of the picture sticks to the screen even after it's cleared...this treo picture is much better. try it.

    thanx for the tip on the photo thingy.

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