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    GPRS is only connecting @ this what it's supposed to be? I thought is was going to be 19.2 or 14.4....

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    I activated the gprs service (Cingular in the SF bay area) this morning and the rep told me that right now, they're having problems with their gprs service. It's not much faster than the dialup but they're working on it. Well, I had a postcard that if I renewed for 1 year, I could get wireless internet for free for 1 year. She gave me the base wireless internet for free, but I'm being charged $2 extra for internet express. Just getting prepared for that US update...

    But to answer your question, I don't think that baud rate indicator shows the correct rate from what I've read. Does it seem faster? Where are you located?

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    It sounds to me like they didn't add the right service to your account because it's definitely not $2 extra for the gprs service.
    Trust me, been there done that!

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    The original question was posed by Aaron. I only threw in my experience as a sidenote. It appears that anyone can get this deal - if you renew for 1 year, they will give you "wireless internet" for free for 1 year. She then charged me the difference between "wireless internet express (gprs)" and the base internet ($2). Just an FYI. My real point was about what the rep said about the speed of their gprs service right now. Don't know if it's true or not since I haven't upgraded to 1.1 yet - I'm waiting for the US release. Just passing along info FWIW.

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    Sorry to have barged in on your 2 way conversation. I won't bother trying to help when I simply noticed that you might run into some issues when you add the gprs update to your treo and not have the right feature added to your acount....

    Good luck
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    I didn't mean it that way. Sorry if it came across rude (reading it back, I can see it may be taken as that.) I appreciate the help and I do hope that when the US update comes out, all goes smoothly. Sorry about the misunderstanding.


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