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    Curious to see if anyone else had these problems, since they seem to go against the concensus in this forum.

    Upgraded Treo 180 to GPRS1.1 (never had 1.0 on it). I'm on VoiceStream (in Chicago), and don't yet have GPRS enabled on my account. Upgrade process went exactly as advertised.

    Voice phone is fine, but I can no longer use my CSD (dialup) connection under Network. It hangs on the first dialog whenever trying to connect. Until I get GPRS on my account, I'm SOL. But I'm concerned here too, as I do not get a triangle icon. Should I see this even if I don't have GPRS set on my account?

    Lot's of odd behaviors now too. Turning on wireless mode causes phone to switch it off immediately. If I do it a second time, it does the usual search and finds VoiceStream.

    Sometimes the unit hangs for a while, and I can't turn off the screen. Sometimes it just completely hangs and I have to reset it.

    So, in short, you're mileage may vary...
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    After some persistence, I am now up and running with GPRS - AND - I can now also do CSD dialup again if I want. All the odd behavior of hanging and whatnot is gone.

    What's different. I just ran through the whole install process again: only this time I entered bogus info into the updater username/password dialog for GPRS (APN greyed out). Different behavior after install this time. Network prefs showed the Asian carrier at first, and I connected using bogus info. After which it immediately quit, returning me to the Network prefs, this time with the T-mobile Internet selection in place of the Asian entry. Almost like T-mobile downloaded and replaced the info.

    Also, I never got a small or large GPRS triangle until after my first connection attempt.

    So, if you had problems, stick to it and try the above.

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