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    I have upgraded my 270 to GPRS and now find that automatic notification in Treo Mail doesn't work and cannot be activiated via the Treo Mail Account Management page. Anyone else having this problem or am I missing some important setting? I only subscribed to Treo Mail for the automatic stuff. Otherwise, I found that Eudora was a perfectly acceptable program.
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    After performing the Gprs upgrade, did you reacvtivate the treomail software on the treo? Once you've done that you also need to go to the treomail account management log in and turn the alert notification to "on".
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    Yes, I did that, but the Treo Account Management page still shows the Treo as "Pending". However, I did notice that the preferences on the Treo seem to have changed. Prior to GPRS, one could select the Automatic preference and it would notify me each time an E-mail was received. Now the Preference shows that automatic retrieval can only occur every 30 minutes (or longer). And in fact it now seems to be doing that. But this negates the value of Treo Mail, which I was hoping would be a real time notification.
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    Once the next email notification gets sent to your treo the "pending " will change to "on".
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    That's what I thought also, but it's now polling and downloading my e-mail every thirty minutes, but still shows "Pending". I think the GPRS update and Treo Mail are not yet compatible and Treo needs to update the software.
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    Mine is working fine. Do you want it to poll your email every 30 mins? Or do you want it to alert you when you have new mail? I'm not sure what exactly your wanting to do.
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    I would like to have it notify me every time e-mail is ready to be delivered. This is the way it worked before I upgraded to GPRS. Since then, the Options>Delivery Preferences gives me two choices: Manual delivery on request or Automatic on a timed basis. The choices are 30 minutes, one, two or four hours. There does not seem to be a way for me to select instant delivery as the e-mail comes in. Or if there is, I can't find it.

    When I first subscribed to Treo Mail, I was able to set up the account management page to provide notification each time there was e-mail to download. Now it seems that I can either choose to dowload the e-mail manually or have it automatically downloaded every 30 minutes. Again, if there is another choice, I can't find it.

    But, thanks for your comments anyway. I like the GPRS function and the fixes very much, so I can live without the instant e-mail function.
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    I have mine set to manual delivery but I also get email alert notification when there is a new email waiting, than I simply initiate the manual retrieval.
    TreoMail has not changed at all, at least for me, since performing the gprs upgrade. I do hear rumors of an update coming soon though.
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    Further research showed that my telephone number in Account Management had somehow been corrupted. After corrrecting this, the alert function was turned on and worked just once. After that it was no longer working. Very strange. Even worse, it hasn't picked up any e-mail since 0119 this morning, even after I sent a couple of test messages via another account I have. This is one of those problems which will take me the rest of the day to figure out.
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    I would delete the treomail app from your treo and reinstall it, or deactivate the email account on the treo and then start over by reconfiguring you account info. Don't forget to go back to your account management an change the alert notification to "on" again.
    good luck!
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    I deactivated and reactivated the account. Unfortunately, I also unchecked the box showing download only messages for one day. When I checked mail again it really, really worked. Showed I had 6532 messages (every one since I signed up with Treo Mail in July)! Fortunately, I was able to stop it, check the box again and am now receiving mail and the alert. Thanks for your good advice.

    On another subject, I've noticed your posts about KBTracker. I downloaded it and have not been successful in getting any info. I use Blazer, but Cingular overwrites it with their own home page every time I connect, so I suspect that's the same problem one would have with Yahoo or AOL - it just doesn't doesn't collect the data.
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    glad to see that you got treomail working! Did you download the latest version of KBTracker v 0.2?
    So far it works great with Treomail and Blazer but I don't see that it works with any other programs that send or retrieve data. By the way I'm also with Cingular and when you open Blazer it will always open on Cingulars home page, that is what is set as the default home page.
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    No, I had Ver. 0.12, but now have downloaded and registered Ver. 0.2, which seems to work OK with Cingular/Blazer website. I'll continue to check it with other websites and see what happens. Again, thanks for your good advice and assistance.
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    Version 0.21 is out now!
    It's not a problem tracking data with other "web sites" it's tracking data from other apps. that allow you to send and receive data such as AOL or any other email programs or web browsers.
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