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    I am having no end of troubles with Cingular. I have been on the phone with them for several hours over the last three days, and they just cannot get it together.

    I am still getting the error "your GPRS APN is not.....". They have escalated to the tier two support people but they could not help me.

    The upgrade was super easy and worked just fine. Cingular is suggesting I get the phone number of someone it is working correctly for and they will copy the settings into my account.

    These guys are killing me!!!

    If anyone has any ideas, I would realy appreciate it!

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    They are a bit clueless over there until you get the right person.
    Make sure that they add "wireless internet express" data connect services to your account for gprs enabled mobile phones not the WAP service. They only have 4 data packages available 1MB, 3MB, 7MB and 13MB for the service that you want. Maybe telling them that will clear the picture!
    I had the same problem with the APN error and there was no problems on my end it was that they activated the wrong services to my account. It only took 5 calls to get the right person who knew exactly what I wanted and "voila" GPRS!


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