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    Anyone having flaky performance with GPRS on T-Mobile (i'm here in NYC)?

    I find that I often have to turn the radion off and on again after i start getting conection problems. Anyone else?
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    I'm having the same problem. I almost never had problems with the 1.0 GPRS upgrade but since the 1.1 upgrade on Saturday it's MUCH flakier as you describe. I'm wondering if the few other fixes (dialer app and Blazer working) are worth it. I think I'll hold out till the official release and see how it goes...if it's not better I may go back to 1.0 and use Xiino again.

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    I'm in nj and it is very flaky was not having any conection problems with 1.0 ever since I upgraded to 1.1 have to try to conect over and over have a full signal
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    Same problems here in Michgian. Was in Boston last week and things running well. I ran into the dreaded speaker problem, so I did the 1.1 upgrade to see if it would help. Well it didn't, but GPRS was running well until yesterday morning. While in Boston I noticed I needed to reconnect fairly often, but thought it was just my signal (this was both with 1.0 and 1.1 - but worse with 1.1) Anyway, returned home and things were running better until sometime Sunday night/Monday morning. I haven't been able to connect since then. I seem to get better signal strength with the 1.1 upgrade and like the other new features, but not sure what's going on with GPRS.

    I called T-Mobile and got passed to technical support. They guy I spoke with wasn't very pleased that I was running GPRS with the Treo, as it wasn't supported. He demanded to know where I got the software and needless to say wasn't much help. He claimed to do a reset on my service, but still no GPRS for 2 days - I'm going through withdrawals after being running for about 3 weeks!!!

    I too have been tempted to go back to version 1.0, but don't want to take the chance of frying my radio.
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    I am in Boston, but had the same problems when I was in NYC over the weekend. I never had these problems under 1.0. I qam very tempted to go back.
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    I'm in Boston too. I've noticed these problems periodically since 1.0 and it really hasn't changed for me after 1.1.

    On the other hand, I've spent the last two weekends in the DC area, one weekend with 1.0 and the next with 1.1. I have had ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS there!! My GPRS connection stayed on all the time, although I was moving between VA, DC and MD!! The coverage there is just awesome.

    So my conclusion is that what I've been experiencing is problems with the network in the Boston area and not the GPRS upgrade.

    I would definitely not consider going back to 1.0 because I haven't noticed an increased incidence of problems with 1.1 in Boston (not to mention getting rid of all the proxy problems).
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    Problem for me is that SE Michigan has been rock solid for quite a while and now I can't connect at all. Sure seems like something is going on.
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    although i get gprs connection problems often, the situation is nearly ALWATS remedied by simply powering the radio off and then on again.
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    Over a week later and STILL flaky.

    Any T-Mobile people out there able to keep GPRS successfully connected for more than a few hours at a time? It seems that after enough time passes, I have to sign out and sign in again to be able to get gprs data...

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