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    There's been some discussion on how to get Eudora to work w/ attbi's mail servers in the Sprint300 forum. I've had limited success w/ my T-Mobile GPRS. I can get mail from POP, but I get login errors on the SMTP side so sending won't work. Here's the settings I'm using per the Sprint300 forum:

    n Eudora 2.1 on the Treo:
    In Account:
    On 'Basic' Tab:
    Return Address = {yourusername} (not case sensitive?)
    Username = {yourusername} (not case sensitive?)
    Incoming (POP) =
    Outgoing (SMTP) =

    In 'Security' Tab:
    Incoming (POP)
    Authentication = Best Available
    Security (SSL) = Alternate Port

    Outgoing (SMTP)
    Authentication = Best Available / Same as Incoming (SMTP)
    Security (SSL) = Alternate Port

    Any clues?

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    OK, figured it out. The username line MUST
    have after your username or SMTP won't
    work. POP does fine but SMTP needs it for some

    Username = {yourusername}

    what I had originally was:

    Username = {yourusername}


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    I tried many times to connect to ATTBI via both dialup and GPRS and never could until you solved it for me. Selecting "Alternate Port" for the security connection was what I was missing.

    I even went so far as to setup a proxy server at my home, and open some obscure ports to get to ATTBI.

    I'm actually going to keep the proxy for sending mail because one of my accounts gets re-directed work email and through my proxy I can have my work email as the return address - connecting directly using this method it says "" is not allowed to send mail through this server.

    But the checking/downloading directly through the POP server and the "Alternate Port" is much faster and since I read much more than I send you helped me out.



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