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    I am wandering if it is worth to be connected all the time, or maybe trough the network option, to disconnect during the periods i do not use it???
    Does anyone have more experience than me on that one?
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    Between the initial GPRS patch 1.0 and the official version 1.1, I have been using GPRS for some 3 or 4 weeks now.

    I cannot say that I saw any difference as far as the battery life is concerned between the pre-GPRS period and the current.

    Let me add that my Treo 270 is connected to GPRS all the time (except for some occasional drop down from my network operator).
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    In the 4-5 days that I've been using the GPRS patch, i've noticed that the battery does last longer at least when I'm sending or receiving data.
    Anytime I used my CSD connection it would suck up the battery life pretty quick!
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    A user will see a drain on the battery if he / she uses GPRS frequently. Having the context active does not adversely affect the battery life. (little triangle as some folks say)

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