Got my third replacement today (monday).
45 minutes later i called Handspring and told them i dont want this lousy buggy hybrid anymore.
After I upgraded to GPRS the radio stopped to work! No radiosignal.So frustrating to hear HS support tell me that there have been some problems whit the GPRS and radioproblem.This was recived today and if they are familiar whit the problem why the #%#% dont they check their replacements before they send them out?
Bought my first TREO 180 in Mars.
The problems so far...

1.Hot Sync dident work anymore.Not enough memory although i did a hard reset.Problems whit speaker phone(but I dident care about that one).
This one lasted 5 months.

2.Some buttons dident work ,ex the blue,shift return,space
This one lasted 1 month.

3.No radioservice(Yes i checked my simcard in another phone)
This one lasted 45 minutes......

Waiting for my fourth replacment....
I asked HS that this isent acceptable and wanted my money back(Mission Impossible i know) but no luck.

I adored Treo but after all the problems it seemt it wasent ready for the market just jet.

Regards from a really disapointed ex Treouser
Im gonna buy a Joey when its relased in Sweden.