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    I upgraded to GPRS 1.1 from 1.0 without any problem.
    All works fine, except that...

    Since the upgrade, I notice that I regularly loose connection with the network and the only way to get it back is to perform a soft reset - switching the wireless mode off and back on is not enough.

    What's more, I also have a SIM card error that says that there is no SIM card installed or that the SIM card has a problem.
    I need to take off the SIM card and replace it, before switching the wireless mode back on, to be connected again.

    Both issues appeared after the upgrade.
    Did anyone experienced the same difficulties, or is it only a coincidence?
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    I also had the same experience after the upgrade from gprs 1.0 to 1.1. When I click the 'sms book' for the phone book inside the sim card, it told me that I don't have a sim card plug in. I have to remove the card and put in again to make it work.

    Afterwards, there is no problem. My current issue is the the CJKOS 4.27 do not support SMS. It resets everytime I click on SMS.

    Moreover, the GPRS connection speed is 9.6k only. (I thought GPRS can reach 64k or 114k max)

    By the way, I am using Orange in Hong Kong.

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