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    Email message I just rcvd from (proxy server) FYI


    About a month ago, i sent an email asking for donations, so far, only 7
    people have donated!

    Due to the increasing usage and cost of running the server, as of monday,
    im going to have to unfortunatly start charging for the service.

    There are currently almost 7,000 people using the compression server, and
    there are about 20 new signups every day, so much that its starting to tax
    the server.

    So this weekend i will be moving it over to a faster server i just got
    done setting up, this will increase the throughput dramatically (the server
    is 4X's faster than the current one). i did this because i noticed that it
    was getting sluggish, the CPU is running at 100% alot now.

    So as far as the cost goes, the cost to use the server will be a one time
    yearly fee of $40.

    For those 7 of you who already donated, im giving you free access to it
    for as long as i run it, regardless if you donated $5 or $50. (yes i had
    both extremes). Its my gift for your recognition of the hard work. If you
    are one of those people, just send me an email, and ill let you know how to
    access it (once i get it set up on the new server).

    For the rest of you on the list, if you donate $20 prior to sunday, i will
    give you 1 year of access. you can paypal to make your

    The website and the server *should* be all setup by sunday night, and the
    old server will be discontinued.

    Its now been over 2 years since i have developed the server, and im
    surprised to see how popular it has really gotten. I had hoped to have kept
    it free all the time, but for some reason im seeing more and more people
    using it over the last few months. I use to see maybe 1-2 signups a day, now
    its reaching as many as 20 a day.

    I hope to see alot of you continue to use it, and for those that dont, i
    do appreciate and thank you for all the positive feedback and comments, its
    really helped the server develop as it is today. This has been a very unique
    and positive experience for me, i never imagined that one little idea i had
    while playing with my ipaq, would turn into this.

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    Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly are the benefits of using a proxy server such as this?

    I'm on a Treo 180 with 1.0, and all seems fine without. Just for **** and giggles, I signed up today to check it out, see what it did, so that maybe I can just on for the initial discount... Xiino got everything all garbled. Blazer was fine, and almost seemed a bit quicker (was I hoping? Imagining?)...

    I take it that this is only for http? Would it actually save me bandwidth (currently only on the 1M/300 T-M plan)?

    Is there any way to do this with SMTP/POP as well?

    And are there products that us mere mortals can install/setup on our own servers to accomplish the same?

    TIA to all

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