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    My backlight is going crazy since the 1.1 upgrade. When closed, it will turn on for no reason whatsoever. Then it'll turn off a few minutes later. Then on... then off...

    It doesn't matter if GPRS is on or off. I thought it might have been due to Blazer having been open, but it happens even after I reset it.

    It also turns on when it is sitting all by itself, so it's not a button being inadvertently pressed.

    Obviously not thrilled with the battery implications of this. Anyone else seen this?

    Treo 270 / Cingular
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    I have the same problem with my Treo, my carrier is Vodafone Spain.
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    Delete all your SMS messages. If you need them you can allways copy them to the memo pad. I had the same problem after the GPRS 1.1 (from 1.0) upgrade and took hours to find out the problem. Also, if you turn off wireless the display should remain off.
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    May or may not be related, but I have this happen when my Treo loses service, then reconnects again, while in bad service areas. I've learned that when we go to my gf's parents' house that I just have to turn off the radio...


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    It could be due to the fact that you have messages in the Pending directory of SMS. Messages in the Pending directory are messages waiting to be sent, and the user guide says that the Treo will try to send these messages as soon as it reconnects to the network. It may be that during this try it switches the screen on.
    This might be related to the fact that for some reason your Treo has problems sending those pending messages...
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    I had the same problem after GPRS 1.1
    Thanks to this forum I deleted the pending message, all is OK now, I wasted 2 days trying to solve it until I read the messages here
    Thanks guys

    Nagui Anis
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    Sure enough, I had a pending message (with no address...) I deleted it, and all is well.

    Thanks for the help, everyone.

    Treo 270 / Cingular
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    i have a bad signal in the house so i think the unit turns on when it registers anew to the carrier after a no signal period no matter how short the sinal loss is. Any suggestions?

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