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    I got two phones my main line is an EVO on Sprint and a Blackberry on AT&T. I'm getting an GSM Pre 2 soon and was wondering could I used the same SIM card from my blackberry? I only have the Blackberry plan (email and web) with no mins. So will the SIM work?
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    I think that it might work, only you won't get texting or calling service.

    Then again, I'm not entirely sure how Blackberry devices work, if it's some sort of service similar to Sidekick devices connecting to the internet via the Danger servers. Go ahead and try it, though.
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    If it's an AT&T SIM card, it should work with the unlocked Pre 2 with all functionality. Most people with Pre 2s probably use them on AT&T. I'm not sure if there's any blackberry specific services that would pose problems towards using the Pre 2 stored on the SIM itself, but I doubt it. However I know very little about Blackberry
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    In my experience, it will work with no problem. Voice and text would always work fine, anyway. Years ago, it could cause your data to be funky or just not work, but that's no longer the case. If you want to keep your BlackBerry data plan so that you can go back and forth, it shouldn't cause you any issues at all.

    The only potential hangup is that the IMEI and PIN of your BlackBerry will not be released, so if you plan on giving your former BlackBerry to someone else, you'll want to call AT&T and have them remove the BlackBerry IMEI and replace it with the IMEI from the Palm Pre 2. Just tell them it's a Palm Pre Plus (simpler that way), and ask them to swap you over to a generic smartphone data plan (be sure it's still unlimited, if that's what you're currently have).

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