Well, I may be wrong, but once the GPRS 1.1 update is installed, it looks like Cingular's portal is again the Blazer default homepage for those using Cingular's service. There is NO option in the Blazer preferences to set your own homepage.

This was also a problem before the GPRS update. However, as referenced in a previous thread, one could bypass this restriction simply by deleting the " Cingular" application that appears on the applications page. This would remove the Cingular icon from the applications page, thus revealing the original Blazer icon. This would also restore the Blazer option to input your own homepage. See the following thread:


In the new GPRS 1.1 update, deleting the " Cingular" application does result in the "reappearance" of the Blazer icon on the applications page. However, Cingular is still the homepage, and the Blazer preferences is STILL missing the parameter that allows you to set an alternate homepage. I even tried to delete all the related Blazer files:

BLBookmarks (this does contain your bookmark data, however)
Blazer Cache

Anyone have any suggestions on how to customize the homepage?